Dark of the Moon

Well, it’s upon us, the Solar Eclipse in Taurus. It’s falling in my fourth house, which is home, land, and parents. But the only thing happening there is that I’m going to start making tracks to migrate this blog home to another home, renovate the whole damned thing completely.

Of course I have to be doing this now, when the whole of the internet is under siege. We may not even have an internet as we know it now in a few months time. If Net Neutrality becomes a thing of the past than internet lag won’t be something that we suffer through because of a bad connection, it will be something we suffer through because all sites won’t have the same opportunity to stream our messages without paying for it.

When Chani first made the connection for me with Taurus and public space, formerly land, but now the internets I didn’t see it, but then when I realized I was going to be spending a sizable chunk of my time and money over the next week or so making a new home for my blog it became a little too real.

It’s not too late, folks, we beat SOPA, we could do it again, but we’re going to have to push back and hard. Someone over at Reddit came up with some clear ideas about what we could do, I’m going to log some hours tomorrow following their instructions. Email Netflix, Google, all the blogs and internet businesses that have stood up to this stuff before, let them know how you feel, ask them to come out against it.

So I’m going to do all that tomorrow. Right now, though, I’m going to take a bath, a long hot bath and go to sleep. Rest. Let go.

Go Dark.