O V U M novela

Diamanda Galas

We shot a couple scenes for Ovum today.  The first one was straight out of a Douglas Sirk movie.  I was in heaven.  I got to wiggle my eyebrows maniacally, wear Trashy Diva all day and Little Lonely put false eyelashes on me and made ’em stick.  I’ve only just washed them off.  We also watched a scene from the last shoot which left me gasping for laughter and determined to start running again.  GOOD LORD there’s a lot of flesh on my bones and not near enough clothes to cover it!  My friends were right, I WAS brave to do that damned scene.

Thank Great Hera I’ve got a “Beauty Clause” with Lars, wherein I agree to say all his crazy lines as written as long as he agrees to make me look pretty.  He’s promised to cut as much of my fat out when he edits it as he can.

But the truth is no matter how nuts his films are or how fat I get or how certain I am that the audience for them is going to be small and very very very strange, I just don’t care.  Because I like them.  They make me laugh.  And it’s liberating to do something so extreme that you are reasonably certain 90% of the population either won’t get or won’t like or some combination therein.  It’s liberating because doing things for other people will only take you so far, at a certain point you actually have to just start pleasing yourself.

This message brought to you courtesy of the Cardinal Cross and Pluto sextiling my Mars…