Saturn’s New Moon

Can you see that little blip up above ^^ ?  It’s a bunch of matter at the outside edge of Saturn’s rings beginning to coalesce – Saturn’s giving birth to a new Moon!  Well, maybe.  Actually, probably not, that blip appears to be disintegrating right before our eyes and may never form into something substantial enough to break away from the rings, but it’s the best clue we’ve ever had as to how Saturn’s 53 moons formed originally.

It’s all very fascinating, though my favorite part of the story may be how the guy who discovered the phenomena called the blip “Peggy” for his mother-in-law, who celebrated her 80th birthday the day he found it.  I love that Saturn, who governs longevity and old age is birthing a Moon (mother) named for an 80 year old woman.

In the words of my friend, David, who sent this story to me, “does Saturn sound complicated or what?”


Actually my favorite part of David’s email was the signature line, you know where it usually says “sent from X’s iPhone…”  David’s reads “sent from hopefully somewhere fun.”  INDEED.

Like from Saturn’s new Moon: Peggy

Good luck, Peggy!  I hope Neil Degrasse Tyson is wrong and you DO coalesce and break away and go ahead and orbit my favorite planet.  Don’t listen to the haters, just go be great!