sleep eludes me

I ran a search on YouTube for “sleep,” thinking I’d come up with something soft and melodic, hypnotizing, something that might lull me to sleep, but the first hit was this great metal tune by Dragonaut with these lyrics:

Ride the dragon toward the crimson eye
Flap the wings under Mars red sky

ahaha the joke’s on me, you guys! For realz, I haven’t slept more than four or five hours in a row in about a week now and I’m totally blaming Mars. So while I might be longing for something soft and lullabyish this is really more appropriate. Not only is Pluto sextiling my natal Mars right now but Mars is about to retrograde over my Moon. I don’t reckon I’ll really get any sleep for next week or two.

This is NOT a good pick for me as far as a lifetime theme song goes, but it’s definitely in the loop for the soundtrack for April.