sleeping beauty

I was out of town all last week, I just flew home last night.  Between traveling and Mars getting off my Moon finally, that lack of sleeping jag I complained about last week seems to be lifting.  With a vengeance.  I had terrible trouble waking up this morning and I’ve just woken up from a nap that really could have gone on another two hours, imo.

So I wandered onto the internet with the search term “sleeping beauty” + “falls asleep” + “YouTube,” thinking I’d find some sweet video with a princess falling asleep that could accompany today’s Daily Dose of Wonder in a whimsical fashion.  GREAT HERA, you guys.  THE INTERNET.  Jesus Christ.

It’s full of videos of girls falling asleep in class, on the train, in coffee shops, and wherever girls fall asleep publicly, apparently.  wtf.  I’m so creeped out now and it’s making me feel like Sleeping Beauty is really a horror film and maybe it was better when I couldn’t sleep after all.

I’m sure there are videos of guys out there too but I had to run away without investigating further.