this is just a totally lazy post about nothing

I’m too exhausted to find something to write about this late at night, it’s been a busy day fighting with my computer and I didn’t win.  On the plus side I came across this very strange and awful but still funny (why? why is it funny? is it funny?) supercut of men being sarcastic and horrible to their wives about how bad their coffee is.  It’s probably not funny but it makes me laugh in that way that I do when someone is being horrible and I laugh just to speed up the conversation and smooth things over.  That’s my Libra Moon right there, and these horrible jokes are Mars.  Fuck you, Mars!! Haha, no, let me make you some coffee instead.  I’ll make it SUPER special.

Dammit.  Maybe I should reread what I wrote yesterday.  I’m having a #marsinretrogradeFAIL

I blame my computer, which is CLEARLY FROM MARS, you guys.

By way of Homeless Monsters