This is what Pluto sextiling Mars looks like

Grrrl, this song has been on repeat all damned day, even when I wasn’t actively listening to it, it’s just going going going going.  I created the tag “Pluto sextiling Mars” the other day when it became apparent I was gonna need it, but I haven’t actually gone into any descriptive detail about it because honestly, what the hell am I gonna say?  This isn’t a talking transit, at least not for me, since Pluto’s transiting an earth sign and my Mars is all water.  No, no, no.  This is a balls to the wall fucking taking names and kicking ass transit.  I’m making mincemeat of my to-do lists lately.  Seriously shredding them.

It’s not comfortable for me, this push into action, my actual physical nature has much more in common with a goddamn sloth. So I’m struggling to keep up with myself right now and a little terrified every time I remember that “an object in motion stays in motion.” Does this mean I’ll never rest again?

That guy I mentioned recently has a pretty strong Mars natally, trining his Sun which is conjunct my Moon – actually we have a lot of strong Mars contacts all over, which is fueling this sense of urgency in me, and it’s inspiring, don’t get me wrong, RRRAW, but it’s also a bit intense, it’s just one more thing forcing me out of the comfy earthbound 12th house nest I’ve been carefully cultivating LO these many years.  This rush to act is leaving me without the comfort zone of excessive contemplation my 12th house Capricorn self tends to demand.

…& you know what?  SO FUCKING WHAT

I’ve been thinking and thinking and thinking about stuff for years and holding onto it all Saturn like. Shit or get off the pot, honey, there is no try.

I may have used Saturn to invoke my sluggish Mars, but now that he’s woken up he seems primed and prepped and ready to take right the fuck over.

Let’s get moving into action
Let’s get moving into action
If your life’s too slow, no satisfaction
Find something out there, there’s an attraction
If you hesitate now, that’s a subtraction
So, let’s get moving girl into action