I woke up late today and I was still so exhausted I had a gigantic nap in the afternoon.  What?!  It’s fine, totally normal.  Void of course Scorpio Moon in my 10th and Pluto went retrograde this week.  THAT’S why I watched four episodes of Mad Men in a row today instead of attacking my to do list like a knife through butter.  I’m so out of practice zoning out in my 12th that I’ve completely lost the knack.  Sigh.  It’s not too late, is it?  I could still finish the rough draft of the thing I’m working on that I promised would be done this week and memorize my lines for the shoot tomorrow and and and

What?  What.  What!

…it could happen

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    • Wonder Bright
      Wonder Bright says:

      David! I loved this! The visualization about the rose in the garden was so moving. It made me really curious about her books, I’m going to get one and report back to you, thank you! Such a perfect rejoinder to a post about letting the day wash over you.

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