Baby steps

Nana and T

My mum loves Hawaii. Especially the smaller island, Kauai. We’ve taken family trips there in the past, but it’s always the most fun with my nephew, T. Here he is sitting on her lap while she reads a book to him. This was the day he lost his fear of the water and went in up to his neck. We played sea monster for hours.

My parents threw me and my brother in the water when we were nine months old, so I don’t remember ever not knowing how to swim. It’s hard to watch T struggle with it, and I have to remind myself to let him go at his own pace, to discover it for himself, to want to learn, to feel safe. If he can overcome his fear of putting his head under water than he will have learned to overcome his fear of other things too.

People say baby steps like they’re so small, when really they’re the biggest steps you’ll ever have to take.

I’m going to keep reminding myself this until I get it. I’ve got some baby steps of my own looming on the horizon.