Happy Mars Direct Day!

feet on squares small

It’s finally upon us! Mars is going direct later today, and not a moment too soon for some of us, frankly. If you’ve been reading my posts lately (hi mom!) then you know that this Mars station has been squaring my Sun, which brought a diagnosis from my doctor of some trouble with my adrenals (duh. do ya think?) sleeplessness, and some weird new fitness regime which has included running (almost) every day and cutting out all caffeine, sugar, and alcohol. Fun times. No, really.

I’ve also been finding it an absolute effort to write here because for everything I’ve just mentioned there are about three things even more pressing that my mind is like a hamster on a wheel trying to catch up with. I’m so fucking GLAD it’s going direct now, I had this crazy dream that woke me up laughing this morning and honestly, everything just snapped into place. I can see what I need to do now.

Emphasis on do. Action, time to take action. But here in the stillness of this perfect moment before it goes direct and starts to speed up there is a small window of time to pause, to breathe and rest.

I’ve got this awesome yoga DVD that always always has you rest for a bit before you carry on. The guy narrating it intones, “let the work you’ve been doing work for you now.” Today is a day to do that. In a minute we’ll rouse ourselves from corpse pose, rock on our spines and carry on, just a little bit more before we’re through, but right now let’s all just pause for a second and feel where we’ve been the past few months.

I’m going to take a bit more than a second, actually. For the next week or so I’ll be posting a picture a day and knowing me I’ll probably say something about each one, but really I’m hoping not so very much. I’m trying to take things in right now, not let them out. But more on that later, on the flip side, when it’s not the case.

For now, let’s all just bow our heads in prayer. Let’s go in, let’s be quiet together.