how to get rid of an earworm

So I was listening to NPR in my car tonight, some show called Science Friday, and they were talking about why certain songs get stuck in your head no matter how much you’d rather they didn’t. They used the example of We Built This City and then they played the motherfucking thing and it’s been stuck in my head ever since, dammit. Towards the end of the segment they said that one way to get rid of it was to share it with someone else or just listen to the whole thing, so I’m trying both of those things, God help me.

If you don’t like it you know what you have to do now.

…and I can’t help but wish that this worked for every damn thing that gets stuck in my head. Just name it and release it. Spit it out and spit it out. I’ve tried, believe me, but over time I’ve come to accept it’s just not so. Sometimes naming it is the very thing that locks it in.

Where’s the ocean when you need it?


UPDATE: This TOTALLY does NOT work, FYI. Do not, whatever you do, PRESS PLAY. Unless you want this song stuck in your head for the next day like it has been in mine.