Behenian Fixed Star Font

Kent and I made a font a few months ago featuring the glyphs for the Behenian fixed stars, used by medieval astrologers to do magical workings. Well, I drew it, he did all the rest with his mad genius tech skills and unerring Virgo eye for alignment. I’ve been playing with it ever since, layering it over some pictures I took awhile ago when we went for a long hike through Forest Park.

Here is the symbol for Sirius, a fixed star that “gives honor, the goodwill and favor of men and the airy spirits, and the power to pacify nobles and others.” It currently resides at 14° Cancer 18′, which is roughly a degree or two away from where the Sun was when the United States was founded (for you astro nerds reading this I’m not using parans for my breezy pop culture analysis partly because we don’t have the correct time of birth for the US, but also because no one else practically is either and honestly it’s just easier – and yes, I’m aware that the star has changed location since 1776, but DUDE, come on, I made you a font! #getoverit).

ANYWAY, here is Sirius floating above the graceful tendrils of moss growing towards the light of our Sun. The day Kent and I took this walk in the park was before our the POTUS acted to sell off publicly protected lands the size of the state of Connecticut to the highest bidder, in an unprecedented reversal of two centuries worth of conservation efforts because, apparently, these lands afford “no purpose for taxpayers”. I’m not sure I can put into words how peculiar and fantastical this statement seems to me from both a historically mythic and practical standpoint, but maybe we can expect little else from a man who can’t abide stairs and likes to affix his name in gold onto everything he can.

But perhaps you are a fan of number 45, in which case you may want to use the glyph for the fixed star Regulus, which is rising alongside Mars in his natal chart, to suit your own ends (just google “Donald Trump Regulus” to see how many astrologers are doing just that – 74,000 hits and counting!). This could come in handy if you have any revelations you’d like to share regarding August’s eclipse over that point in his chart! I’ve chosen to color Regulus in pink here in honor of number 45’s whole sign twelfth house conjunction of Saturn and Venus, and his pussy-grabbing ways, but perhaps you would prefer a royal purple or blue to go with your political leanings.

The great thing is that being a bleeding heart liberal I’m all for open source, so I’m making this font available for all you to do with it whatever you like, you can download it here, or if you are not even reading this (like Kent claims he wouldn’t) then just keep scrolling to the bottom where I’ve made a Captain Obvious download button to make it suuuuuper easy for you.

Kent went a bit wormholey after he made the font and arranged all of them artfully on the image above in the order we find them on the zodiac. If you want to download the image above but in a handy black on white for printing out, just click here (The straight up astro font he used above will be available sometime this year, sign up for my newsletter to get alerted for that). Also, Kent made the font so that you can learn the glyphs by switching between lowercase for the name of the star and upper case for the glyph. Here’s a handy legend for that, just click on the image below to download it in black on white for printing out:

Use these magical symbols wisely, Little Ducklings, and be sure to credit this page for the font – unless you just can’t with my political ramble here, in which case let’s agree to disagree until we’re through the Pluto return of the US and the Saturn Neptune conjunction of 2025! In any event my prayers are with you and consider this font (you can download it below!) an expression of that.

May you be peaceful

May you be happy

May you be free