Yes, Wonder is my real name

But it wasn’t always. It started out as a nickname my mother gave me. She says, “it was what your eyes were always doing.” I don’t know what it looks like when your eyes do the Wonder Bright, but the point is it was my mum’s nickname for me from the time she brought me home from the hospital.  (& here we are that very day with nary a car seat to cling to!)

Anyway, I like it better than my birth name. So some years back I decided to change it legally, and now although the name on my birth certificate is Wendy Liza Passmore, on my driver’s license it says Wonder Bright.

Which generally makes people smile and turns everyday transactions into a moment where I have to be Wonder Bright, no matter what. I just can’t be grumpy and feel sorry for myself, or nasty to an anonymous state employee at the DMV, no matter HOW tempted I might be. And that is not always very easy for me, ‘cause I am kind of righteous and a bit of a control freak, (totally Ruled by Saturn) but I do my best…