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Why Should a Modern Astrologer Use Ancient Techniques?

This post is a response to an article I was recently quoted in on Quartz, titled, “Astrology Isn’t Fake, It’s Just Been Ruined by Modern Psychology.” The article stirred up a bit of a hornet’s nest inside the astrological community by repeating allegations sometimes leveled at modern astrologers by astrologers using classical methods. Allegations that […]

Behenian Fixed Star Font

Kent and I made a font a few months ago featuring the glyphs for the Behenian fixed stars, used by medieval astrologers to do magical workings. Well, I drew it, he did all the rest with his mad genius tech skills and unerring Virgo eye for alignment. I’ve been playing with it ever since, layering […]

The Epic Astrology of Wonder Woman

We talk about the Saturn return, when that planet returns to the same point in the sky that it occupied at your birth, but today I want to talk about the history of Wonder Woman, and which planets herald her spectacular return to earth just when we might need her most. What does it mean […]

Venus Retrograde: Breaking Hearts & Shedding Skins

“I used to think a broken heart was something you had to put back together, like a favorite dish that fell on the floor and would never be the same again. Now I see that heartbreak often comes from the need to expand. Like a snake shedding a skin, your heart is just too big […]

NORWAC – Saturday AND Sunday!

I’m not even sure where to start now that I’m finally at the end of editing all the photographs I got at NORWAC a couple weeks ago. I first started this project at the ISAR conference in the fall of 2014 as a way of documenting my beloved astrological community and I swear I’m more […]

Synastic Snaps at NORWAC – update!

You guys, I’ve bitten off more than I can chew and Saturn is mad at me!!! Here’s Kent acting it out for me in our synastry so I don’t get bogged down thinking it’s, you know, reality. I know I said I would have the pictures up by mid last week, but the truth is […]

Mars Retrograde in Sagittarius

Mars goes retrograde Sunday, April 17th. It’s bad enough when any planet goes retrograde – when any path we’re on gets murky and unclear and we have to retrace our steps – but Mars! Mars is all about having a clear directive to go after what we want. Something in our sights. A goal, a […]

Ask Wonder

Coming Soon! An astrological advice column for the heartbroken, lost, and deeply perplexed. Have you lost a lover, a cat, or your favorite necklace? Are you wondering if you’ll get that man, that house, or that job? Wonder no more! Ask her instead! Just fill out the form below! If your question is chosen it […]


For my going away party Kent and I found some letter balloons at a great party supply shop in San Diego. We agonized over what to say initially but when we finally strung them up I felt confident it would be the subject of an Instagram post in the future.I didn’t anticipate it would take […]

End of an Era

I’ve been waiting tables for fifteen years at a wonderful restaurant on a magical little corner on the east side of Los Angeles. Today is my last day, and I purposely didn’t wear mascara, in preparation for all the goodbyes I have to say. All weekend I’ve been giving my favorite regulars hugs and discounts […]