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Maybe it’s just Pluto sextiling my Mars or maybe it’s Mars squaring my Sun but lately everything is boiling down to put up or shut up with me. I passed this tag hiking the other day and the only thought in my head was Y E S. I’m teetering under the weight of it all, […]

What the Hell is an Eclipse?

Chani and I got together recently to talk about the upcoming solar eclipse in Taurus. And then when we started to make the video we realized what we really needed to do was talk about eclipses as a phenomenon in more depth, to explore what they mean to us and how we see them working […]

All Men Must Die: The Upcoming Cardinal Cross

There’s a bunch of billboards all over town for the return of Game of Thrones.  They read ALL MEN MUST DIE in bold caps.  It simultaneously makes me laugh and sends a shiver right through me.  And it’s the perfect backdrop for the experience I’ve been having as Uranus, Jupiter, Mars, and Pluto all jockey […]

An Open Love Letter to Libra

In whatever way you come to me in that way shall I appear to you -the Bhagavad Gita I’ve got a lot of Libras on my hands right now either going through the ringer or just so damned hopped up on adrenaline they’re about to jump out of their skin. Not just Libra Suns, but […]

I don’t wanna sell anything

I was talking to a friend tonight about aspirations and not having any.  It put me in mind of this scene from Say Anything, which is just a really good scene and makes me laugh and squirm and nod my head up and down repeatedly.  I don’t know whether to feel sorry for Lloyd because […]

Survivors Heart

This is my favorite tree in LA.  It’s about forty minutes into my favorite hike and I like to sit there under the shade and enjoy the breeze if there is one, which there almost always is. One day I was sitting there with my friend, Lisa, talking about my heart and how it was […]

Alien T

I took T back to the caves again today and took my camera along.  I don’t have anything to add to that except that everyone should have a cave!!  And an imagination!

my heart is in my hands

I spent the evening catching up with an old beau on Skype.  I told him a few days ago that we had to make sure we talked before Venus left Capricorn and he quipped, “Sweet Jesus!  Is Venus leaving Capricorn?  Did they try counseling first?!”  Which made me laugh pretty hard, but still, I feel […]