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For the second time now, I hung up the phone after talking with you and thought, “wow, that conversation just changed my life.” 

-Brittany Butler, Consultant

I believe we are all motivated by purpose and sometimes it’s actually in falling away from that purpose that our true path is revealed. I use astrology to help people identify their true north and reset their compass. My clientele is made up of people who share my faith that while things may happen for a reason, it is up to us to make those reasons worth living for. If my services don’t satisfy rest assured they come with a money back guarantee.

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Get Your Life on Track

Do you have questions about your life? Using astrology to crack your soul’s code Wonder will help illuminate the hidden corners of your life, bringing everything into the open where it can be evaluated properly. Let’s identify your strengths and weaknesses and strategize how to work with them!

$150 per ninety minutes


Heart to Heart with Wonder

Have you recently gone through a bad break up? Or have you never fully recovered from one that happened years ago? Using astrology as a guide Wonder can help you process your grief and get in touch with the love at the core of your being that seeks union with another.

$150 per ninety minutes

Your Child’s Lucky Stars

Do you wish your child had come with a handbook? The good news is s/he did, it was just encrypted. Let Wonder break that code and reveal to you the hidden beauty of your child, helping you foster her gifts and guide him through his troubles.

$150 per ninety minutes

Five Session Series

Rent Wonder’s heart for five sessions. Using your natal chart as a map Wonder will explore with you the essential conflicts confronting you currently. Over the course of five sessions she will work with you to strategize new ways of relating to people you have trouble with and new ways of thinking about why certain patterns seem to recur in your life over and over again.

$500 for five 60 minute sessions