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Book a Five Session Series with Wonder

Do you have ongoing problems with a parent, a sibling, a partner, or a child? A friend, a boss or a co-worker? Do you struggle to understand how to deal with this relationship or why it persists in your life without changing? Do you worry that there may be something wrong with you or with them?

It’s a fact that most of us repeat certain themes in our relationships, are drawn to certain types of people, over and over. We find ourselves obsessing over conversations, whether we’ve had them or not, gnawing at the bone of a seemingly unresolvable conflict waiting for the other person to change.

Using the map of your natal chart Wonder will work with you to understand the hold these relationships have over you and strategize new methods on how to be with people you cannot escape from. She will work with you over time to reinforce your commitment to what works for you and help you eliminate behavior that doesn’t serve your goals.

Wonder recommends booking a single ninety minute session to start to make sure her methods are a good fit for you, if you choose to go forward the payment for that first session will be applied as down payment for the subsequent four.

$500 five sixty minute sessions

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