Full Hearted

Space Heart

I used to think a broken heart was something you had to put back together, like a favorite dish that fell on the floor and would never be the same again. Now I see that heartbreak often comes from the need to expand. Like a snake shedding a skin, your heart is just too big for the cage you’ve been keeping it in.



driving on sunshine

What? What the WHAT?!! This is so cool! This couple have created a way of making roadways solar powered, snow and ice free, with storm water run off/treatment and the capacity to run electric cars on the actual road they are driving on. They’ve already got over $200,000 of the $100,000 they asked for on Indigogo, but dang, they could be changing the world, five bucks doesn’t seem like a lot to ask.

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T minus four days

Mars is now stationed at nine degrees Libra, squaring my Sun, thank you very much. My recent health problems aside it’s been 100 degrees out for the past two days here in LA and I don’t do well in the heat. I seriously considered sleeping in my car in the underground parking garage tonight. Meanwhile everything’s all burbly burbly under the surface, this full Moon made me keenly aware of what’s next and what I need to do and yet I’m still feeling a bit frozen, I have been for the past month, really, as evidenced by my short posts here. Seems like a perfect time for a Ukulele rendition of a Slayer classic, no? I don’t feel as though I have the right tools for the job, but it doesn’t matter, somehow it’s got to be done and truthfully there’s no time like the present and if I wait around for better tools I might miss the joy of working with what I’ve got.

Time to take some action, methinks. Ready, set, go!

Christ, where am I?

It’s super super hot and hard to concentrate or do much of anything but lie around watching youtube videos in one’s bathing costume. I wish I had a big ol’ plastic pool in the middle of my floor with a hose and maybe a sprinkler. All my thoughts run off and away from me the moment I actually look at them.


360 degree view of the world

This guy is totally living the life I’d like to be living. 600 days traveling all the continents on a motorcycle. Gorgeous.

the Topography of Tears

The most marvelous thing showed up in my FB feed this morning. Gorgeous, stirring images of microscopic close ups of tears. Rose-Lynn Fisher started taking pictures of tears in the middle of a difficult time, spurred on by the question that came to her, would my sad tears look different than my happy ones? So she started taking pictures of them, of hers, of others, just to see what happened.

The names of her photo’s are almost the best part: Tears of Change (seen above), Tears of Laughing Till I’m Crying, Tears of Timeless Reunion, Tears of Ending and Beginning, Tears of Possibility and Hope, Tears of Elation at a Liminal Moment… Oh! There’s more. Go check them out.

I don’t feel like crying at all right now, but these pictures make me wish I did.


20140511-184441.jpgMaybe it’s just Pluto sextiling my Mars or maybe it’s Mars squaring my Sun but lately everything is boiling down to put up or shut up with me. I passed this tag hiking the other day and the only thought in my head was Y E S. I’m teetering under the weight of it all, I’m not sure I can manage, I’m tired all the time and my doctor’s told me my adrenals are in real trouble, but I will deal with that, I will deal with all of it. I’ve got something to prove and I’m not even sure what “it” is exactly, but I fucking bloody well mean to do it.

it could happen to you

Seriously. Any minute. Think about it. (no, not really, but this would have kept me up for days as a child!)

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I don’t wanna sell anything

I was talking to a friend tonight about aspirations and not having any.  It put me in mind of this scene from Say Anything, which is just a really good scene and makes me laugh and squirm and nod my head up and down repeatedly.  I don’t know whether to feel sorry for Lloyd because he doesn’t know what he wants or jealous because he knows what he doesn’t.  I definitely envy his clear youthful wisdom about the girl he loves and I’m jealous of Ione Sky’s character who knew enough to just accept his love like she deserved it or something.  Those crazy kids.

I can’t help but feel they have a snowball’s chance in hell of actually making it, but you never know.  Maybe they’re out there in the world where ever it is that imaginary people go when the movie is over with three kids and a mortgage and Lloyd stays at home and they’re just really really happy.  I hope so.


Alien T

alien T

I took T back to the caves again today and took my camera along.  I don’t have anything to add to that except that everyone should have a cave!!  And an imagination!