what is American Ninja Warrior?

I have no idea what this show even is but I’m always down to take seven minutes out of my day to watch a woman kick ass while all the men watching cheer her on. Even with the over the top narration and hyped up visuals this was a rush. Plus what the hell was up with the last three minutes? DANG GRRL. Mars in action right there.

Maleficent & The Crisis of Fury

you know the tale

(Spoilers ahead, in case you haven’t seen the film yet and are planning to!)

I took my nephew to see Maleficent Wednesday. Of course, T, being only four and a half, found it a little hard to follow. With his little feet just reaching the edge of the seat he kept turning to me, saying things like, “why is she crying?” and when I told him, a follow up of, “why did he cut off her wings?” and then much later, at the end, his hand stuffed into his Raisinet box digging for the last ones, “why are you crying, Auntie?”

Because I seriously cried so hard! I didn’t expect to, it surprised me. But it was really moving, and not just because it was lyrical and Angelina Jolie took my heart by storm, but because it was redemptive and I believed it. I wanted to.

I needed a redemptive Mars tale.

there is evil in this world

This Mars in Libra transit has been a doozy for me. When Mars stationed direct squaring my Sun last month I swear to the Gods something crawled out from under my 12th house rock that I thought I’d slaughtered years ago. A great big ugly, sloppy, mean spirited beast that looked suspiciously like ME! ugh. In a fit of night terror I ripped apart the fragile threads between me and that guy I mentioned a couple months back. It only took seconds but the damage was done.

Of course, there’s loads more to the story, but the important thing, the thing I want to share here is, that a.) Mars sucks don’t play, b.) the 12th house can bite my ass isn’t something you ever get to sell or move out of. And that c.) you can run, but if it’s yourself you’re running from then there really isn’t anywhere you can hide. Like, ever.

There’s a scene towards the beginning of the film where Maleficent’s sidekick brings her the news that her former love, the man who viciously betrayed her, has had a child. Jolie plays it perfectly. Her eyes reflect such deep pain at the news that I quietly gasped in sympathy, but if you’d looked down at your popcorn even for a moment you’d have missed it. She looks away briefly and when she raises her head again her face has transformed into a grim smile, animated purely by malice. It’s pitch perfect, her transformation from grief to rage.

i'm the evil!

You can feel the relief of it, the shiny fabulous weight that is lifted in the way Jolie sheds her sorrow and embraces the purifying rage sweeping through her, clearing away all doubt, all sadness, just washing it away, replacing it with clarity and purpose.

It’s a perfect Mars moment. Liberation from victimhood, catalyzing your grief into rage. A wild, dangerous freedom that will trap you just as surely as martyrdom if you’re not careful.

Sigh. I remember feeling like that. Not recently, but long ago. Mean, hateful, vengeful. I haven’t felt it in so long, but you don’t forget. When the pain runs so deep the only way out is annihilation, of yourself or the person who caused it and that moment when it gets crystal clear it’s not gonna be you. This is Mars at its core. The molten lava pouring out of you in that moment is a profound aspect of creation, but it’s the devil to harness and it will turn on you. It will cut a bitch, and if you’re not careful, the bitch it cuts might actually be the one wielding it.

The way I felt last month when I snapped and crossed over wasn’t even close to how ugly I’ve been in the past, but it revealed to me some hurt left there still lurking in the shadows. It revealed what I have yet left to do. Because the true gift of Mars isn’t the vengeance, or the fury, it isn’t even the liberation from victimhood, but the purpose. The real gift of Mars is the battle it reveals you must fight and the worth of fighting it.

now I have lost you

I’ve quoted Rob Hand talking about Mars before, but his take on Mars is so perfectly depicted in Maleficent that it bears repeating here. Hand says that the real worth of Mars isn’t in fighting against things, it’s in fighting for things. Belonging to the nocturnal sect, the sect of the Moon, Mars demands unconditional commitment, it requires tests of will power and stamina. It belongs to warriors and athletes, to people who do impossible things, simply because they said they would. It’s a raw wild power that defies ration or logic, and bows only to the force of feeling.

Angelina Jolie projects this quality perfectly. She was born to play Maleficent. She isn’t just perfect for the part, her chart is perfect for the part. She was born with Mars conjunct the Moon on the midheaven. For better or worse she embodies the qualities of Mars and always has. Like me she was born during the day, so Mars doesn’t naturally act in her favor, it took something for her to overcome the darker side of the energy. She is notorious for her destructive tendencies as a young woman, for her drug use, knife play, depression and anger. Things only changed for her when she got involved with humanitarian causes in 2001.

After that her focus switched. She stopped obsessing on her own misery and became focused on others and what she could do to affect change. I think she understands both sides of the coin Mars offers, because she’s lived through it. She could tell the story of Maleficent because at heart her story is real to her. It’s real and it matters.

I swear no harm will come to you

So what I loved about Maleficent is how it tells the story of the evolution of Mars, from the shadow side of it, the ugly, angry, wrathful, must-make-things-bleed experience, to the powerfully redemptive glory of it. Because Mars is also that part of us that gives us backbone, gives us courage, makes us stand up for the things we believe in. It shows us where we need to face our fears.

Maleficent is a wonderful retelling of Sleeping Beauty because in this version it isn’t the princess that wakes up from a death like slumber. In this version it’s the villain who wakes up, it’s the villain who saves the girl and in saving the girl, she saves herself. Now that’s a fairy tale for our time. That’s a myth we need, a story to tell our children. A story to tell ourselves.

I’ve been in a terrible stew for the past month, wrestling with my demons. Every time you let yourself down there is a hangover afterwards. Time was I ignored it, ignored what it was telling me, but I’ve learned now, I’ve learned that you can’t ignore it, you can’t leave it, it won’t go away on its own. The only thing for it is to face it head on.

Because the only good thing about seeing that you’ve made a terrible mistake is that you are no longer blind to your failing. It grants you choice. It’s a great and terrible thing, because it means waking up, and waking up isn’t always easy, but there is power in it. Raw, latent, gorgeous power.

I can feel it flexing in me now, shiny and dark, unfolding like wings. I don’t know where it’s taking me but I trust it. It won’t let me down. It won’t falter.

Leaving the theater my nephew grabbed my hand, pleading, “hold my hand, Auntie!” We walked past a kiosk with a young woman blowing bubbles and T ran after them for a bit. When he asked if we could get one I said yes, of course, because I’m a complete and total sucker. We spent the rest of the morning creating little iridescent worlds, chasing them, popping them, and then making some more.

He didn’t have to ask why I was crying again because I didn’t. I might have squeezed him a little too hard once or twice, but he didn’t seem to mind. After all, there were bubbles to blow.


when dogs fly

More relationship advice brought to you by Mars going direct in Libra. Now here’s some wisdom right here:


i know the truth now,
i know there’s more than that fantasy of, like, oh we’ll fly together!
there is also oh we could die together
what happens when dogs fly?

it sure wasn’t what i thought it was gonna be
it was the reality of it
that’s what life is
there’s the fantasy
and then there’s the actuality


PREACH, brother




how to do your first Saturn square

Dang. I’m in love with this kid. Our first Saturn square is all about consolidating the rules, understanding your place in them, and learning to use them to your advantage with your peers. At this age we also begin to display more advanced motor skills. For most children it’s all about learning to play more complicated games at recess like kick the can or square ball or learning how to write a paragraph. This kid, however, has clearly got bigger fish to fry.

Love. Her.

Via The Daily What

I live my life because I dare

Gloria Steinem and Dorothy Pitman Hughes

I’m in love with this picture. Aren’t you in love with this picture? The woman on the left is Gloria Steinem, on the right is one of her best friends, a woman named Dorothy Pitman Hughes, who was the actress Gabourey Sidibe’s aunt. Sidibe, known best for her Oscar nominated role in the film Precious, lived with her aunt as a teenager and she passed this photograph every day on the way to school and on the way home.

And every time she passed it she raised her fist to these two women and took courage from them. From the sound of it, she needed it. She didn’t have an easy time of it in school.

She told the story of this picture and some other great stories in a speech she gave celebrating Steinem’s 80th birthday at the Ms Foundation Gala the other night. The full transcript is at Vulture, I cannot recommend it highly enough.

I wish there was video of it. It seems strange when she’s talking about her body and how it is reviled and for some reason in this day and age where we video everything we’re missing video of her talking. It doesn’t seem right somehow. I would love to see her give this speech.

I don’t want to ruin it for you, head over and read the whole damned thing. It’s magnificent.

Saturn is strong with this one. I just looked up her chart, and we don’t have a birth time, but being born May 6, 1983 she’s got Saturn conjunct Pluto trine Venus. This is someone with some powerful work to do around the proof and power of love. She’s doing it for herself, but she’s making it clear that if she can do it so can any one of us.

Seriously raising a fist to her tonight.

Dark of the Moon

Well, it’s upon us, the Solar Eclipse in Taurus. It’s falling in my fourth house, which is home, land, and parents. But the only thing happening there is that I’m going to start making tracks to migrate this blog home to another home, renovate the whole damned thing completely.

Of course I have to be doing this now, when the whole of the internet is under siege. We may not even have an internet as we know it now in a few months time. If Net Neutrality becomes a thing of the past than internet lag won’t be something that we suffer through because of a bad connection, it will be something we suffer through because all sites won’t have the same opportunity to stream our messages without paying for it.

When Chani first made the connection for me with Taurus and public space, formerly land, but now the internets I didn’t see it, but then when I realized I was going to be spending a sizable chunk of my time and money over the next week or so making a new home for my blog it became a little too real.

It’s not too late, folks, we beat SOPA, we could do it again, but we’re going to have to push back and hard. Someone over at Reddit came up with some clear ideas about what we could do, I’m going to log some hours tomorrow following their instructions. Email Netflix, Google, all the blogs and internet businesses that have stood up to this stuff before, let them know how you feel, ask them to come out against it.

So I’m going to do all that tomorrow. Right now, though, I’m going to take a bath, a long hot bath and go to sleep. Rest. Let go.

Go Dark.

Solar Eclipse in Taurus

My girl Chani and I are up to it again. This time we’re looking at the Solar Eclipse happening in Taurus tomorrow night, April 28th, at 11:03 pm PST. What does this New Moon Eclipse have in store for us, my little chickadees?

Will we be pretty? Will we be rich? The future may or may not be entirely ours to see, but one thing’s for sure, this is a damned good time to be asking those questions.  Watch the video to find out why!

When we started to make the video we realized we wanted to talk about eclipses in more depth, to explore what they mean to us and how we see them working in our lives and our clients lives, so we made a second video to do just that and here it is.

Eclipses are a potent time for us to make connections between who we dream of being and who we actually are, watch the video to find out why.

That’s it for me, Precious Treasures! I’m going to go back to ground, go to seed, germinate and LOVE WHAT I HAVE!! May you do the same. & May you be happy

goggle glass


emotional cyborg

Ok, so some guy in Japan created some glasses that might be even worse than google glass, if you can believe it. These glasses don’t film anyone, but they simulate interest even if the wearer is asleep.  Just imagine!  No more social anxiety brought about by attempting to feign interest in other people!  …he’s also working on something to feign a smile, yo.

I am so disturbed by this I just can’t even really – I just can’t.  That is all.

via Homeless Monsters

take off your shirt the super fast way BOOM

What up, buttercups?!  Cardinal Cross week is UPON us!! No time like the present to do old things in a new way or new things all together.  In honor of all the ch-ch-ch-anges upon us I thought this Russian guy was the perfect person to inspire us to make the old new again.  It doesn’t have to be a vale of tears, surely.  Fingers crossed for the Cardinal Cross, here’s hoping we all display the same joyful abandon this guy does.

hearts in space

Space Heart


stop the presses, you guys.

Did you know that astronaut’s hearts become more spherical in space??!  There’s obviously a whole host of health problems associated with the phenomena that need to be worked out before long space flights become a real possibility, but think of the poetic ramifications.

in space, unmoored from the earth, in orbit only to the Sun and all the stars our hearts change shape, become like planets.

Astrologically the Sun rules the heart, it’s the molten hot core of who we are, beating out our pulses like tiny solar flares as we orbit those we love and they orbit us.

This makes me feel like stars


via Reddit