heart-in-my-hands-Book a Heart to Heart with Wonder

Are you going through a heartbreak? Does it seem to be one in a long list of many? Do you keep repeating the same relationships? Or have you given up, trying to avoid even thinking about it? Do you worry there is something wrong with you, that maybe that your picker is broken?

Using the map of your natal chart Wonder will work with you to root out your core beliefs and shed light on the hidden gift behind your loneliness. Best of all, you can talk till you’re blue in the face about the one who broke your heart and she won’t get bored, will keep trying to work out what it is that this person is trying to give you right now, right here.

Some clients like to use this session as a down payment on a series of sessions with Wonder to work over time on these issues, and for some people one session is enough.

$150 per ninety minutes

Shoot me an email below and let’s talk!