The Secret Lives of Astrologers

Jingling I love my astro tribe. I feel more at home in a group of astrologers than any other group I’ve ever been a part of. There are a lot of reasons for that, but at the core it’s because astrologers as a group are deeply invested in questions about what it means to be human, and those are my favorite kinds of questions.

We don’t always get the answers right, or even the questions, but as a group, on the whole, we are engaged. It’s the only non-secular community I’ve ever been involved with that concerns itself with these matters, and we come from a particular angle that is so mind-bendingly strange that it excites all my witchy senses and reassures me about all of the all of everything.

Nicola SmutsThat angle, of course, is the connection between the planets in our solar system and life here on earth. And once you start making connections that grand the connections between those of us here on the ground and our connection to all life is just a foregone conclusion. I certainly don’t claim that every astrologer is making that connection or even that I make it all the time myself. We’re as human and diverse as anyone else, and astrologers may be even more prone than most to mistaking our beloved craft for the end result rather than the beginning of the journey.

There is something so beguiling about being able to see the connection between time and events, between otherwise apparently random circumstances that it’s easy to become more attached to the method by which we found that connection than the connection itself. It’s like arriving at a great big shiny portal and being so fascinated and awestruck by the portal that you don’t actually pass through it.

Nick Dagan Best & Dr Jenn ZahrtRob Hand calls this “the reality game,” whereby we get stuck in the circumstances of our lives and rather than learning from history or our charts we take it as a sort of proof that this is the way it’s supposed to be, as if we were doomed to repeat over and over the circumstances of our lives rather than liberate ourselves from them.

But it really is a marvelous portal, this astrology door thingee. And the people I’ve met at the crossroads here in the heart of it are some of my favorite people on the planet and some of my best friends, too. I’m so deeply grateful for all the laughter, the play, and the delicious, constant chatter about life and living and being a human bean.

I created this photobooth project to collect pictures of my people and to share my joy and my passion for this tribe, which calls on ancestors going back for millenia, and which is in the middle of a massive fantastic renaissance. I’m so grateful to be here, at ISAR’s 2014 Conference, sharing our lives and connecting as we hurtle through the universe spinning about on this beautiful blue marble we call home.

Thanks to everyone who participated yesterday! The link to the shots I took then is here, and I will update this post tonight with the pictures I take today. I will be at the tradeshow from ten am until I can’t do it anymore (probably a little after the lunch break).

Shine ON, bright stars!


UPDATE: The pix from today are up! You can find them here and download the ones you want at