IIf Wonder lived in San Fransisco, I’d fire my therapist and hire Wonder any day!”
Lydia Daniller, Photographer

Thank you again for a truly life-changing experience. Listening to each other’s charts shed light on blind spots in our relationship that will enhance our understanding of each other. The insights you provided into who we are were amazingly spot on. We left with the unexpected gift of clarity on our soul mission and purpose in life. Thanks again for making the couple’s reading a fun, relaxed, and profound experience. We left with a deeper appreciation of our relationship and each other. Love, Meyoung and Adi

Wonder, Thank you!! I have not forgotten our incredible, dare I say magical, conversation. For the second time now, I hung up the phone after talking with you and thought, “wow, that conversation just changed my life.” You bring perspective, balance and understanding to even the most paradoxical situations (and I’m a consultant – that’s what I’m supposed to do!). You get who I am and you speak to what inspires me. You help me appreciate and recognize the daily opportunities to grow and expand such that, without actually changing anything, my life has turned into an adventure. I love you thank you! Brittany Butler, Consultant

I‘d consider coffee ground reading a viable genre, if Wonder did it. Her intuition and intelligence make any reading – or conversation for that matter – an unforgettable experience. – Natascha Unkhart, Photographer

Dear Wonder Thank you for your precious gift. Your energy is kindness itself, your ability to go deep and challenge someone to see the truth is fascinating. You speak with total love, but you demand that we look at ourselves, and the manner in which you do that makes one feel safe. Your gift is rare, you don’t sweeten it, but present what must be looked at with such honesty, there is no choice but to step in and begin the journey of self-knowledge and healing. With love and gratitude, Marcia Firesten

Wonder provided an insightful look into my own star chart — her interest and interpretation were on the mark and helped me to deal with some immediate relationship and career issues. In addition, she presented a calming and compassionate perspective into my own life patterns helping me to feel more at ease with the journey. – Mr. Calen D.B. Ouellette, Director of Corporate & Foundation Relations

Two years ago, Wonder discovered some disturbing trends taking shape in my chart and assured me that if I faced my dark side head-on that I could find success there, in that material, in the muck. I sort of thrive on crisis, and I remember the adrenaline rush as I prepared for a full-scale meltdown. She was right on all counts. It was dark, not even fit to print. It was also my most honest and prolific year ever! I found some hope, and even some humor, in the blackness. And I liked it there. –Julie Cain, Singer-Songwriter

Wonder lives entirely up to her name!  Her compassion and insight into the human condition compliment her skills to a point that is completely unexpected.
It totally altered my view of how I was living my life. – John Goetz, Camera Technician

You know how you secretly read horoscopes everyday, looking for inspiration on what to do or hope for. Wonder is the cool, real astrologer; you still can pretend astrology is not something you read but honestly, after her readings. You will want to spread the word. Congrats on finding her!! – Daryl Dickerson, Actress

I‘m not really misty-woo-woo, but I can appreciate the real thing when it shows up. Wonder is the real thing. She drew me in with some actual dates of MAJOR upheavals in my life, and told me things about myself I had never given voice to. I felt utterly safe with her, immediately, which is good, since I ended up in tears a couple of times during our session. Truth is a painful thing sometimes, and to feel so nurtured by a single human is a gift. I felt clear and directed and in possession of my faculties afterwards. – Dusty Paik

It’s one part Science, three parts Intuition. Add to that an amazing ability to verbalize the complexity of the Universe and you’ve got a reading by Wonder… – Mark Koval, Musician

Wonder is absolutely amazing – her sharp wit, giggly humor, cuddly compassion, dazzling intuition, and astrological prowess come together like a delicious ratatouille! For someone who wasn’t a big believer in astrology, Wonder wove the threads of my life together seamlessly, and it all made more sense. My session with Wonder was part coaching, part therapy, part giggle-fest, and part brainstorming about how I could live more fulfilled, given my particular strengths and weaknesses. I walked out feeling amazing, understanding the world, and my place in it, better. If Wonder lived in San Francisco, I’d fire my therapist and hire Wonder any day! – Lydia Daniller, Photographer

I went into my reading with Wonder pretty skeptical. I didn’t know much about astrology then, and still don’t. What I do know is that Wonder knows her stuff. Before my reading I knew the characteristics of my sign and I thought that was pretty much all there was to it. I didn’t think I’d learn anything new. What I got from the reading with Wonder was a pleasant surprise. After a few minutes she started telling me things in a way that made sense. Wonder comes across very honest and humble and in a reading she gives you an enormous amount of food for thought. Some things she said made sense to me right away, and others have taken on more meaning over time, but all of it had that odd feeling of remembering something I already knew, but had forgotten in the busy-ness of life. Most of all, Wonder is so encouraging that everything she tells you becomes one more reason to get out there and be your very best. I would recommend a reading to anyone who’s looking for help in particular area or is just curious for another point of view. – Lela Davidson, Writer

Enlighten yourself with a reading by Wonder. In just a couple hours you will experience the revelations of your natal chart in a way that will galvanize and inspire you. This is one of the best investments I have ever made in regard to personal development. – Leora Wien, Marketing & Art Director